Code – Part 4 Adding an item to an Array | Swift Programming Series

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Read the code below:

// Variables & Constants

let firstName = "Ben" // Constant

let lastName = "Tennyson"

let fullName = firstName + " " + lastName // String Concatenation

let interpolatedFullName = "My friend's name is \(firstName) \(lastName)" // String Interpolation



var age = 16 // Variable

print("\(firstName) is \(age) years old!")

// Gives Error!! print(firstName + " is " + age + " years old!")

var profession = "Student"

print("\(fullName) is a \(age) year old \(profession)!")

// ------------------------------

// Collection Types

// 1. Arrays

// 2. Dictionaries

// 3. Sets

// Arrays

// let example = [9, 100, 81, 23]

var todo: [String] = ["Complete Homework", "Buy a Notebook", "Record Swift Tutorial"]



var friendList: [String] = ["John", "Joe"]

// First method to add item to an Array




// Second method to add item to an Array

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