The new CBSE Corner

So if you haven’t already seen the new option in the menu, then you should go check it out 😂

Okay so I’ve decided that I’ll be uploading the notes that I make for myself to study on the blog. I know there is like nobody that even knows about this blog and that anyone might not even look at those notes (except me) but still I’m doing this.

I’ve already started working on the notes for a chapter named ‘Thermal Properties of Matter‘.

So if you have some time, just have a look at them and any feedback or opinion would be welcome. Also if you have any suggestions then do lemme know.

Goodbye, for now!

Code – Part 4 Adding an item to an Array | Swift Programming Series

Download the file here: Tutorial.playground

Watch the full video here:

Read the code below:

// Variables & Constants

let firstName = "Ben" // Constant

let lastName = "Tennyson"

let fullName = firstName + " " + lastName // String Concatenation

let interpolatedFullName = "My friend's name is \(firstName) \(lastName)" // String Interpolation



var age = 16 // Variable

print("\(firstName) is \(age) years old!")

// Gives Error!! print(firstName + " is " + age + " years old!")

var profession = "Student"

print("\(fullName) is a \(age) year old \(profession)!")

// ------------------------------

// Collection Types

// 1. Arrays

// 2. Dictionaries

// 3. Sets

// Arrays

// let example = [9, 100, 81, 23]

var todo: [String] = ["Complete Homework", "Buy a Notebook", "Record Swift Tutorial"]



var friendList: [String] = ["John", "Joe"]

// First method to add item to an Array




// Second method to add item to an Array

17 June 2017

Hey guys! It’s another summer day today & the temperature outside is so much hot. It’s almost like fire 🔥! So I finished up one of my tuition & have another one after some time. Right now, I was just watching some Swift Programming Tutorials on YouTube & then I thought that lemme make a post on my new blog! So am I doing right now. Anyways, if you are reading this, do me a favor, just follow me on Instagram: 😎

Hello, world!

So my new website is now up & running and if you are reading this you’re probably on my website so yeah! Feel free to make your way around my website & don’t forget to follow me on social platforms to always stay in touch!


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