“ Should array indices start at 0 or 1? My compromise of 0.5 was rejected without, I thought, proper consideration. ” – Stan Kelly-Bootle

Hello! Lovely people.

My name is Rohan & I am a student. Since my childhood I was fascinated about computers. For me softwares & games were like magic. I always wanted to know how could it be possible to make a device run the way we want. I tried a lot to figure it out & to some extent I did. As I grew up, I came across a chapter in my Computer Science Book which was about HTML. The only thing I knew was that I can make websites using HTML. I started watching YouTube tutorials & did learn about some basic HTML codes. Now, I am 16 & want to make a career in the field of programming. Every year, I watch the Apple World Wide Developers Conference for the unveil of a new iOS. This year I came to know that a 10-year old kid named Yuma is the youngest Apple developer. Yuma has 5 apps published on the App Store as of righting this post & I checked all of them out. I am very inspired by Yuma & set a goal for myself – to be a part of the next WWDC. I want to attend the next WWDC. I am learning Swift, a programming langauge used to make iOS, tvOS & macOS apps & I love the programming langauge! Also, I will be making online tutorials as I learn so more & more people around me can learn. You can check my YouTube channel – “Tech Sunday!” to know more.

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